Workshop Environmental Health in Horizon 2020

Dear ETPIS Members,


The European Technology Platform on Industrial Safety (ETPIS) addresses safety of industrial installations and production systems from various industry sectors: manufacturing, chemical including pharmaceutical, oil and gas, buildings, transport systems and related structural components. It deals with occupational health and safety of the workers in industry, environmental safety, and the prevention of major accidents with off-site consequences. Since July 2013, ETPIS has been recognized as a cross-ETP initiative where safety dimension should be present in all innovations but also in every industrial installation, in every production system, and more generally in the overall environment.


The environmental safety which includes Environment and Health topics is currently not so much represented in the working programmes of HOR2020 for the period 2014-2015. In order to promote Environmental Health topics and structure the interested scientific community, ETPIS and INERIS have initiated this workshop addressing Predictive Toxicology and Environmental Exposure where endocrine disrupter compounds substitution related to the REACH Directive will be discussed in the framework of exposome and biomonitoring, for instance.


The objectives of the workshop on Environment and Health are to:

·        Share information on various running initiatives

·        Identify new topics of interest

·        Structure a EU platform for the experts interested by the same topics using ETPIS

·        Coordinate the research programming and dissemination activities.


You will find attached a draft agenda of the workshop and a brief document presenting the rationale.


If you are interested to participate, please register using the following link by November 15th, 2013:


If you are willing to present a topic/idea during the dedicated session, please contact and send an abstract (200 words and name/affiliation of the presenter) by October 30th.


Looking forward to meeting you in Brussels.


Best regards,


Olivier SALVI

ETPIS Secretary General

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