Safety & Security research support for BTKlastr

Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovation


The project is divided into Safety and Security areas. A subset of projects has been implemented in order to create the infrastructure for safety and security research, development and innovation, which will be used to implement collective projects of cluster members in order to develop mutual knowledge of members and their research – development potential.

The main activities of the Cluster in the context of this project are concentrated in the following areas:

Infrastructure for industrial research, development and innovation

  • Central monitoring, alarm and training center (CDPVC)
  • Laboratory for research and testing of safety locks
  • Building a technical platform for research, development and operation of technical and information support of KI/EKI

Collective research projects

  • Research and development of safety and security technology  integration system
  • Development of a new safety lock
  • Technical and information support of KI/EKI

International cooperation

  • Strategy of the cluster

Other activities leading to the development of cluster

  • Education and training

Science, research and innovation support for development of safety & security industry in the CR

Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovation


The Safety & Security Technology cluster is a sophisticated tool for implemention of the vision of safety and security technology research concentrated in the Moravian-Silesian region, which has  very good infrastructure and history associated with heavy industry and metallurgy. It builds on the role and work of the Czech technological platform on industrial safety, with the primary objective of strengthening the level of industrial safety in the Czech Republic. The Cluster is also linked to other projects, which contribute to the achievement of the vision.

The project is divided into three parts:

  1. Research and development in the cluster; a mobile measuring station was built and an  expert center for mental health stress was set up
  2. Education in the Cluster on the topic of industrial processes risks and the Expert Center
  3. Shared service center in the framework of the Cluster, which should serve as an information center in the framework of the promotion of the  cluster and support of member companies´ competitiveness.