Vision, objectives, strategy

The Vision of the cluster is:

  • to become a center of research and development activities in the Czech Republic
  • mutual support and sharing of new technologies and applications in the area of safety & security
  • to promote practical applications of safety & security in regional, national and global markets

The objectives of the cluster activities:

  • support of Safety & Security and implementation of innovative solutions in practice
  • promoting competitiveness and investment activities of all members
  • involvement of R&D institutions in the collective research and commercialization of the cluster products
  • increasing  the regional cooperation among the public, research and application spheres
  • creation of the background for common product supply and promotion
  • increasing  the professional level of the cluster members
  • participation of cluster members in international cooperation
  • monitoring  global trends and their applications

To fulfill these objectives the cluster management sets these strategic measures:


  1. Improving the cluster members competitiveness in the area of safety & security, ensuring the implementation of progressive systems, know-how and sharing capacities.
  2. Cooperation of the Cluster and the Czech technology platform on Industrial Safety (CZ-TPIS) for joint problem solving and taking advantage of opportunities in the safety & security industry, with the aim of increasing the representativeness of the member base in the region and the ability of teamwork to achieve results.
  3. Strengthening  both the  human and technical capacity of research and development base in the region, through implemented projects:
    • Mobile measuring accredited laboratory for air pollution measurement
    • Accredited testing laboratory for safety locks testing and research
    • Expert center for assessment of mental (physical) burdens in the working process
    • Information center
    • Central monitoring, alarm and training center
    • Technical and information support of critical infrastructure protection
  4. Achievement of the so-calledCluster of Excellence” – the quality of management and growth of the cluster according to the methodology of the European cluster excellence initiative ESCA. The Cluster has already applied for Cluster Management Excellence Label Bronze with the aim of getting the Cluster Management Excellence Label Gold in 3-5 years.
  5. Building a functional cluster organization as a trusted partner not only for all members, but also for the regional authorities of the professional sphere and public sector.